How To Apply For Free Disabled Tax?

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016

The Government has come up with new ways in which they can relieve a disabled person or their family of some of the financial burden that they face in general. The free disabled tax that can be availed by anyone who is a certified disabled individual or an individual who is the caregiver of such disabled person.

Who Can Apply For The Free Vehicle Tax?

There are two specific classes of people who can apply for this free tax. When you are applying, you need to make sure that you have the proper documentation to prove the same. The registration keeper of the vehicle on which such free tax is applied for is the person who can avail for such free tax. But here are the two conditions that the individual or the registered keeper needs to meet in order to qualify for the free tax.

  • The registered keeper needs to be the especially disabled individual. There are certain illnesses covered under the act as well. so if you are suffering from such, then you will qualify for the tax as well, or
  • If you are the registered keeper of the vehicle that is being used solely for the disabled person or the person suffering from the listed illnesses. The vehicle should not be sued for any other reason apart from the comfort of the ill or disabled person.

Free Disabled Tax

If You Are A First Time Applicant

If you are applying for the free disabled tax for the first time, then these are the following steps that you need to follow.

  • You have to obtain the certificate of Entitlement of the disability in order to qualify for the tax. This is the required documentation to prove to the Government that the person in question is actually disables and qualifies for the tax.
  • Documentation for the living allowance or personal independence payment documentation is required to be presented.
  • You need to have the required documentation and present it to the dealership in order to claim the free tax.
  • You will also need a valid insurance certificate within the date of applying for such free tax.

Once all the documents are prepared you need to take them to your nearest post office, where in you can apply for such free tax. They will be providing you with the required form. Fill in the form with all the details required by it. The duly filled in form along with the documents needs to be submitted to the post office as a part of the application process. Your certificate will be provided thereon. You can go online and fill in the details there as well.

If you are to apply to renew the certificate, then the process is not as lengthy as the one when you are applying for the first time. You can just go online and do it through the ‘get a new certificate, window or get it done through your nearest post office through submitting the required form.

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How To Apply For A Vehicle Registration?

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016

Vehicle registration in the UK is quite an easy process. You could also apply online as well through their official website. To begin with, register for your car and vehicle if you have recently bought one or assembled it, or even better, you imported it. Putting your registration number on your vehicle will begin with registered from DVLA, ready for inspection, or even taxed within the last 5 years. Services are available Monday to Saturday, starting from 8am until 6pm. Before you initiate the process, you need a certification number from either each of the following including V750 certificates of entitlement. Either that or you could also acquire the V778 retention document.

Document Clearances And More For Application

You will also need an 11 digit reference number from the newest V5C registration certificate. You also need a debit card or a credit card in order to pay any kind of outstanding renewal fee. In case you already have a PRN or a personalized registration number, you will have to remove it before you can use the service or could also lose the rights to be using it. There are some conditions while fixing the registration number plate on your vehicle, remember the dos and don’ts. Do not put any kind of registration number, if the vehicle is ‘Q’ registered. You can also choose to shine your car and make it look newer than before. If you are importing a vehicle to the UK, you will have to bring your vehicle. Doing this involves a few steps including importing and registration of your car or vehicle.

Alternatives Or Other Ways Of Doing It

There are other ways to doing it. Complete the V750 or the V778. Then you also have to send the V5C registration certificate for your car. Either that or you could also have a new supplement for keepers with a complete V62 application for vehicle registration. Pay any dues that you may have had in the past. You could also add a nominee before you reassign the registration #. For that, you have to complete sec. 2 of the V750 or either the V778. Once that is done, you are almost done and on your path to receiving the vehicle registration.

Other Petty Procedures Before You Receive Your Real License

Finally, you should also send the following application to apply taxes to your vehicle, such as the V10 form. It is also known as the application for vehicle tax. Apart from that include the basic and correct amount of vehicle tax. Finally, an MOT certification would be necessary. Find out the address from their official website to send it through postal mail. If you are sending online, you must also have their address to provide correct steps. After a certain span of time, you might get to set up the appointment with the DVLA. They do a bit of inspection of your vehicle. It takes approximately 2 weeks before they are approved in 2 weeks.

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How To Make Changes In The Driving License While In UK?

Posted by on Jun 25, 2016

Changing the location or any detail on your driving license with DVLA will cost you nothing. Apply utilizing your Government Gateway ID. If you don’t have one or need to re-register, you’ll get an ID as a component of your application.

You Have To Change The Things Like

If you have to change your name in the meantime, you’ll need to apply by post.

  • have a valid driving license
  • have the citizenship of Great Britain
  • provide locations of where you’ve lived throughout the previous 3 years
  • have a legitimate UK visa
  • have your National Insurance number if any
  • Not be precluded from driving

In case you’re moving to another country, you can’t enroll your new address on your British Driving License. Contact the driving license power in your new nation of habitation.

How To Make Changes In The Driving License

The Next Step Viewing Or Sharing Driving License Information

From 8 June 2015, the paper Counterpart to the Photocard Driving license won’t be substantial and will never again be issued by DVLA.

Share Driving License service has now moved from private to open beta. This new service licenses GB Driving license holders to impart their Information held at DVLA phone number to others online while guaranteeing they stay in control of who sees it. Despite the fact that the Share Driving License service is accessible from today you’ll have to keep hold of your paper Counterpart as it stays substantial until 8 June 2015.

Produce A Code To Impart Your Driving License To An Outsider

This online other option to the present paper Counterpart has been a while being developed. The new sharing component has been incorporated into the View Driving License service on GOV.UK. You can now produce code to impart to an outsider. This code can be shared by email, content, up close and personal or via telephone. There is additionally an alternative to print or share a synopsis of the Driving license Information.

Ensuring Your Information Is True And Legal

Generally, drivers would have the capacity to roll out improvements to their own points of interest, similar to their location, by sending in their paper counterpart. Obviously, with the DVLA cutting out the paper part of the driving license, this will never again be the situation.

To guarantee your own points of interest are stayed up with the latest and keep away from that awful £1000 fine, you should utilize the DVLA’s online service to overhaul your driving license information.

It’s All Very Easy 

The new changes are all generally direct, so there is no compelling reason to freeze. Unless you have to change your driving license points of interest, you should simply decimate the paper counterpart of your license (unless you have not been issued a Photocard) and guarantee the greater part of your information are forward by utilizing the online service.

The Last Few Tips For Change In Your Driving License

Dodge surprising fines from the DVLA by ensuring the greater part of your driving license information are cutting-edge. Get DVLA Contact Number or see the guidance for direction.

  • Correct personal residence – Have you as of late moved house? If so you have to ensure that you have overhauled the location on your driving license, regardless of the possibility that the move is just brief.
  • Right surname – If you have as of late got hitched or separated and legitimately changed your surname, you have to ensure it is upgraded to your driving license.
  • Medical changes – If you have any wellbeing issues that your GP has prompted you to answer to the DVLA, ensure you do as such to abstain from being fined.
  • Out of date Photo – Your photo should be overhauled like clockwork. If it isn’t, you hazard being fined.
  • License terminated – If you’re driving license has lapsed it should be recharged, and this will cost you £20.00 unless you are matured 70 or over in which case it will be free.

Presently with the new principles, the online service created by the DVLA will permit outsiders to get to constant information in regards to your driving record.

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